Advanced GET by eSignal

eSignal, an Interactive Data company.

The Advanced GET edition of eSignal is a desktop trading software combines the power of eSignal advanced charting, back testing and choice of online trading brokers with award-winning technical analysis software, including exclusive indicators found nowhere else.

eSignal, Advanced GET Edition: Features

  • Advanced GET Dashboard New!
  • Advanced GET Scanner
  • Elliott Waves
  • Ellipse
  • eXpert Trend Locator (XTL)
  • False Bar Stochastic
  • Fibonacci Tools
  • Gann Box / Angles
  • Indicators Exclusive to Advanced GET
  • Make-or-Break (MOB)
  • Mentoring / Foundations in Trading
  • Pivots
  • Profit-Taking Index (PTI)
  • Regression Trend Channels
  • Spreads
  • Type 1 Trades and Type 2 Trades

Advanced GET Dashboard screenshot
Advanced GET Dashboard
With its easy-to-understand, color-coded display, the Advanced GET Dashboard assists you in judging how your chosen stocks are likely to move. Easily spot Advanced GET’s signature Type 1 and 2 set-ups and get instant access to 100s of associated charts from a single window. Customize to display your required chart intervals and place any number of gauges per row (up to 100 per page).

Indicators Exclusive to Advanced GET

  • Auto Gann
  • Auto Trend Channels
  • Bias Reversal
  • Elliott Oscillator
  • Elliott Trigger
  • Elliott Waves
  • Ellipse
  • eXpert Trend Locator (XTL)
  • False Bar Stochastic
  • Gann Angles
  • Gann Box
  • Joseph Trend Index (JTI)
  • Make-or-Break (MOB)
  • Moving Average
  • Optimized Parabolic SAR
  • Profit-Taking Index (PTI)
  • Price Clusters
  • Smart Pivots
  • Time and Price Squares
  • Time Clusters
  • TJ’s Web
  • Trade Profile

Make-or-Break (MOB) indicator. screenshot
Make Or Break
Before you enter a trade, you need to know your profit target. The Make-or-Break (MOB) is our proprietary tool that helps identify future market time and price levels.

System Requirements
Make sure your PC meets the following system requirements:


Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7
250 MB available disk space
DSL or cable modem
Power User*

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Intel® Core™ i7, 3.2 GHz or faster
250 MB available hard disk space
DSL or cable modem

One Thought on “Advanced GET by eSignal

  1. Nathan B on February 16, 2013 at 4:14 pm said:

    Most online stock brokers allow you to track a trend of a certain stock. However, I haven’t found any that would allow you to filter out stocks on certain parameters.

    Are there any online stock brokers that have tools which allow searching for stocks based on certain criteria? For example, searching for all stocks which price and trading volume have been going up together the last 3 days.

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