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    AskChart data service and software

    Website Address: is a premier financial data service and software company. It was founded in 1999 by a group of Ph.D and Master graduates of Caltech and several other premiere US universities. AskChart utilizes the innovative telecommunication and computation technology to process the equity market trading data on realtime bases. Its user-end market analysis software was developed based on most recent software technology, advanced algorithms and modern statistics. Our software offers the statistically winning trading systems, most comprehensive technical analysis tools and up-to-minute market information to enable on-line investors as well as active traders to their best decision-making.

    AskChart PowerTrade
    $34.95/Month, including all exchange fees, 2-week no-risk free trial available Limited time offer: get AskChart Streamer FREE when you subscribe AskChart PowerTrade.
    AskChart PowerTrade offers one of the most sophisticated online end-of-day trading systems and strategies. Trading System Selector lets you find the most suitable trading strategy to trade a stock System Screener screens out the most-profitable stocks for each trading strategies

  • Power Charts plots all buy and sell signals on a bullish-bearish-neutral zone charts
  • PowerTrade recommended lists gives daily issues screened by AskChart Servers that can have potential higher profitability Plus these bonus,
  • One the fastest realtime streaming quote applets
  • Realtime web charts with full technical analysis
  • Realtime market stats including most-actice issues, gainers/losers, 52-week highs/lows
  • Over 70 major market indices

    AskChart Streamer
    $9.95/Month, plus $3/month exchange fees, 2-week no-risk free trial available
    AskChart Streamer is a powerful and very cost effective stock market analysis tools designed for active individual traders. Its major features include:

  • Streaming quotes
  • Live charts
  • Live portfolios
  • Powerful historical and intra-day technical analysis
  • Chart pattern finding
  • Price and volume alerts
  • Sectors-industries performance rating


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