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    Developers: Captools Co.
    OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
    Website Address:

    Captool portfolio management software is an investment record keeping, performance measurement and portfolio management reporting tool designed for professional money managers, for sophisticated individual investors, and for others entrusted with managing investment assets.

    Professional versions of Captool are designed to assist the money manager in growing his or her business. Professional versions of Captool incorporate time-saving features important to professional money managers, such as broker/dealer data interfaces, batch reporting, portfolio re-balancing, fee billing and client contact management. Hedge fund accounting is included with Captool Professional Investor Level 3 and Level 4 to accurately track and report on pooled investments.

    Captool allows you to maintain complete records of all portfolio transactions, periodically value your portfolios, track investment cost bases, compute investment return on investment (ROI) performance, and generate reports and graphs.

    Return On Investment (ROI) measures provide you with feedback on your investment selection and timing, allowing you to fine-tune your investment methodology to achieve improved after-tax returns. Captool ROI is computed using the internal rate of return method. ROI's can be computed for individual securities, groups of securities, portfolios or groups of portfolios, before and after taxes and before and after commissions and fees. ROI's may be presented on both dollar and *AIMR compliant time-weighted bases, and on annualized and non-annualized bases over user specified time periods. ROI computations also generate alpha, beta, standard deviation and correlation statistics versus user-specified market indices.

    Captool investment cost bases tracking simplify capital gains reporting, lower tax accounting costs, and can reduce your capital gains taxes. Specific, average (single & double category), FIFO, LIFO tax lots are supported. An automated tax lot assignment function allows you to select whether to minimize taxes or maximize gains (for loss offsets) when securities held in separate lots are liquidated. Tax rate tables are customizable for each portfolio to allow for differing tax rates and changes in tax laws. Allowance has been made for Canadian and other non-U.S. users, including support for Canadian average cost basis and optional cost basis indexing.

    Captool offers you a high level of flexibility to construct reports to meet your needs. Selecting from hundreds of data fields and report templates, you can construct an almost limitless variety of reports, including reports with integrated graphics. High end versions of Captool offer even more reporting power such as the ability to generate reports containing data merged from multiple accounts and batch generation of reports ready for fax or e-mail dissemination.

    Price quotes and other data can be down-loaded from a variety of web-sites using Captool's, scriptable, internet-capable, "Dataserve" communications module. These include "free" current and historical quotes, and price quotes from a number of international web-sites. All commonly used numeric and date formats are also supported, including optional 4-digit year input and display. Report headers and label customization accommodates non-English language reporting. High end versions support multi-currency portfolios and also offer optional data encryption for privacy protection.

    Captools Company draws from over 20 years experience in delivering leading edge portfolio management software to an installed base of over 14,000 licensees. We are committed to providing serious investors with the tools needed to achieve superior returns.


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