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    E-Mini Trader©

    Developers: Heyward Trading Company
    Website Address:

    E-Mini Trader has a unique approach to trading the S&P E-Mini contracts. It is The Careful Strategy, which means that it only trades when market conditions meet the requirements of one of its six ‘market specific’ logic modules.

    E-Mini Trader is a completely automated trading system designed for TradeStation® Technologies. E-Mini Trader has made an average of 32 trades per contract period and does not hold any overnight positions. A trading strategy that lets you get a good night’s sleep…

    E-Mini Trader - Trading Decisions

    ENTRY LOGIC - E-Mini Trader uses six logic modules to determine trade entry points. A trade will be initiated when market conditions meet the requirements of one of these 'market conditions specific' modules. The trading chart will indicate which of the entry modules made the trade by showing the direction of the entry and the module's code letter (e.g. a short entry caused by logic module 'm' will appear on the chart as "se_m"). Each logic module evaluates trading conditions at the end of each bar, in 'highest profit factor' sequence.

    EXIT LOGIC - Once a trade is initiated, an initial stop loss order is placed at a position determined by the entry module that caused the trade. Then two concurrent exit modules begin operations. The unique trailing stop designed for E-Mini Trader will reposition the stop loss order throughout the trade. If these colored stop lines on the chart change from 'red' to 'green' then the trade has become profitable even if the trade is stopped out. In addition, the 'master stop' module will cause an exit if it determines that the current trend is possibly stopping or reversing. If the master stop closes a position it will identify the action with "sx_m" or "lx_m" for short or long exits. Lastly, fifteen minutes before the markets close, the "end-of-day' exit module begins operation and it will attempt to close the position at the most profitable point before the end of trading. The end-of-day module will identify its exits with "eod_L" or "eod_S" for long or short exits

    TRADE TIMES - E-Mini Trader will only open new positions between market open and 24 minutes before market close (i.e. 3:51 pm (New York time)).


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