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    FibNodes 5.0

    Developers: Coast Investment Software, Inc.
    OS: Windows-95/98/ME/2000/NT (not compatible with Windows 3.1)
    Website Address:

    The FibNodes software has been designed to efficiently implement the strategies taught in TRADING WITH DINAPOLI LEVELS. It is exactly the same software I use for my own trading. There are no changes, no differences, and no secrets. It is used extensively in this country and abroad by savvy individual traders and money managers alike, who trade everything from Stocks and the S&P to Kuala Lumpur Rubber.

    How FibNodes works:

    You initially input the pertinent data points. Thereafter, FibNodes (the integrated version only) automatically updates all calculations based on your real-time data-feed from DBC Signal/BMI, or TradeStation 2000i . The program develops, stores, calculates and presents the support and resistance levels as described in the TRADING COURSE or in TRADING WITH DINAPOLI LEVELS. If the market makes a new high or low, or if a new Reaction Number is called for, you add only this number (or the FibNodes integrated version will change it for you automatically); the program uses the data already in the file to recalculate all pertinent points. The presentation includes Lineage, however Confluence is not automatically determined, since Time Frame and volatility in a given market can account for widely disparate Confluence locations.

    FibNodes requirements:

    Since the FibNodes software is a sophisticated and narrowly defined calculator, its requirements are minimal, 8Mb of memory and 5MB of disk space are all that are necessary for efficient operation. Installation takes a few minutes. The program is straightforward and easy to operate. Rather than the months it typically takes to figure out the complicated software packages sold today, youíll be using FibNodes effectively within an hour. To fully implement all of the programís features will take you some time however, depending on how often you trade.

    Your choice of a charting program to use with FibNodes is important. If youíre trading instruments like a five minute S&P, your charting software should have the capability to resize charts both vertically and horizontally with a minimum of key strokes. Changing Time Frames should be an effortless event. Cursor access to critical chart locations must be quick and easy. Your choice of charting software should also include the capability to properly calculate continuous contracts.

    In addition to our real-time update facilities, many of my clients want to see an automatic version of FibNodes. I am in discussions with a number of high quality charting software vendors to explore this possibility. What I have in mind with an automatic version, is a more efficient method for the user to insert data into FibNodes. I do not anticipate nor do I expect to be a part of any attempt to automatically generate FibNodes support and resistance levels directly from a chart, absent of thought. Iíve been down this road with the neural network crowd and the results were not good. Although such a program could easily be sold for a lot of money, its output, based on what I have seen, would be of minimal value. If this could ever be done and such software was easily attainable, the functionality and implementation of the concept could be in question.


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