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    Recommended Books

    FDC - Financial Data Calculator

    Developers: Mathematical Investment Decisions Inc.
    Website Address:

    FDC (Financial Data Calculator) is the ultimate market research toolbox that will enable the user to do everything from manage and analyze data to create chart predictions of the future course of the markets, including the unique Parabolic Predictor. Most importantly, FDC easily enables you to perform all of those tasks in a user-friendly English language format. All of that for as little as $160.00.

    FDC is a thoroughly-tested product. It was created in 1980 by its two principals for their own use as professional traders. The first version ran as a time-sharing product, until computers became more advanced and a mini-computer version evolved. With the advent of the personal computer, FDC evolved again. Throughout its development, FDC continued to acquire functionality, while at the same time, became easier to use.

    The principals have the unique combinations of education, skill and experience necessary to develop such a product. Collectively, they have successfully managed hundreds of millions of dollars in equities, debt, foreign exchange, hedge funds and futures funds. At this time they have “retired” to manage their own investments, and are offering FDC to the investing community.


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