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    Recommended Books

    Floor Traders Tools™ 8.1

    Developers: Roy Kelly
    That tools can be used: in TradeStation 2000i, or ProSuite, and TradeStation 8.0 and up.
    Website Address:

    Floor Traders Tools™ 8.1, developed by Roy Kelly, identifies tradable cycle tops and bottoms as they occur and generates buy and sell signals. Developed for any market and works very well on stocks and the S&P 500.

    The Floor Traders Tools™ indicators are fully automated, there is no need to point 'n click or move text around on your screen. These indicators do the work for you.

    These indicators are dynamic and extremely powerful tools that can be used in TradeStation 2000i, or ProSuite, and TradeStation 8.0 and up. They work with any price chart, whether daily or intra-day, working with any market and any time frame. This includes stocks, bonds and the S&P 500. The charts illustrate the timing, trading power, and accuracy of the Floor Traders Tools™. Each indicator page has a chart and description of the indicator and how it is used as part of the Floor Traders Tools™ timing methodology to trade and identify cycle tops and bottoms as they occur.


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