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    Recommended Books

    Gann Wheel 1.2

    Developers: Global View Technology LLC.
    Website Address:

    Gann Wheel is the implemention of W.D Gann's Marster Chart. An power tool to help traders to find price support and resistance.

    "In every law of nature there is a major and a minor; a positive, a negative, and a neutral. Therefore, in cycles there must be a lesser, a greater and intermediate cycle, or cycles within cycles. Like Ezekiel says: "Wheel within a wheel." (W.D. Gann Tunnel Thru The Air 1927)

    The shareware version of Gann Wheel 1.2 is fully functional. It's free to use for 30 days.To continue using Gann Wheel beyond their respective evaluation periods, you must purchase a license, is $59.00 USD.


  • The Square of Nine (Price & Time)
  • The Square of Four (Price & Time)
  • The Hexagon Chart (Price & Time)
  • The Circle of 24
  • The Single and double Triangles
  • Spinable Overlay
  • Calendar Mark
  • Degree Mark
  • Day Mark
  • User Defined Mark
  • All Marks can move in circle
  • Adjustable Step Value
  • Super Large Chart Size (2000x2000)

  • Fibonacci and Gann Applications in Financial MarketsFibonacci and Gann Applications in Financial Markets
    by George MacLean


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