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    Gannalyst Professional 5.0

    Developers: Griffin Software Ltd.
    Operating System: Win XP
    Website Address:

    The Gannalyst Professional application is aimed at both the novice analyst who is exploring the Gann approach, as well as the experienced Gann analyst who wishes to have a more productive environment to conduct his or her analysis. The software has been designed to embody the primary features of the WD Gann approach to market analysis, implementing the parts of the Gann Analysis toolset that work consistently .

    Gannalyst Professional is feature rich, providing the user with a comprehensive toolset covering the aspects of Time analysis as well as his rules for Price discovery. The most important being Time. Calendar day frequencies, Solar Time or Natural Time frequencies, The Gann emblem, Equal time Frames, noncontiguous equal time frames, Gann Angles, Zero Lines, Price- Time and Range-Time Squares are all part of the armoury that Gannalyst Professional offers.

    TIME is the most important factor of all and not until sufficient time has expired does any big move start up or down. WD Gann, p 56, How to Make Profits in Commodities.

    The above quote forms the base of all Gann Analysis, and there are numerous examples within this site which confirm this statement again and again.

    The options menu on the left is a guide to specific examples of the features provided by the Gannalyst Professional application, how they are used from a software perspective as well as how they are implemented as part of the overall analysis strategy.


  • Advanced XP feel
  • Portfolios/Workbooks
  • Templates
  • Training Mode
  • Standard Tools
  • Time Analysis Tools
  • Gann Squares Tools
  • Read Metastockô data
  • Read ASCII Text files
  • Configurable Interface
  • Configurable Toolset
  • Indicators/Oscillators

  • Fibonacci and Gann Applications in Financial MarketsFibonacci and Gann Applications in Financial Markets
    by George MacLean


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