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    Hedged Charts

    Developers: Superior Enterprises
    Website Address:

    Now Hedged Charts shows you the hotest stocks to trade long and short. This list updates every 2 minutes and highlights new stocks making trading much easier and more profitable

    After years of clients demanding it, we're finally proud to introduce Hedged Charts, the premier Technical Analysis software for our brand of trading and analysis.

    Some details about the software:

  • End of day scans
  • Intraday scans
  • Scans for long and short trades
  • Calculates Relative Strength Differential
  • Does all 6 scans FAST !!!
  • No downloads and no local data !!!

    The software has two main symbol universes:
    Long Symbol Universe - The strongest up-trending stocks in the market.
    Short Symbol Universe - The most powerful down-trending stocks in the market.

    Once the symbol universe is loaded, the software will scan for:
    1). Volume spikes
    2). Pivots (Minor highs/lows)
    3). Oversold/Overbought pivots
    4). Breakout to a new high/low
    5). Money Flow buy/sell signal
    6). Trailing buy/sell stop

    and let you sort them according to Relative Strength Differential in declining order for long trades and according to Moving Average Differential in declining order for short trades.

    The intraday scanner operates off the symbol universes, long or short, but loads all stocks in memory, and evaluates them on a tick-by-tick basis.

    Once the stocks are loaded, the software will notify you when a stock goes above the previous day's high. Once a stock goes above the high of the previous day, the software will notify you whenever there is a pivot, an oversold pivot, or a breakout above the high for the day.

    For short trades, the intraday scanner will notify you whenever a stock trades below the low of the previous day. Once a particular stock has traded below the low of the previous day, it will notify you whenever there is a pivot, an overbought pivot, or a breakdown to a new low for the day.

    In both cases, the intraday scanner will pop up both a daily and an intraday chart on the screen for you, and let you quickly review the setup for evaluate the trade.

    The software is subscription-based, and will cost $199/month. It does require a QCharts subscription. If you don't have a QCharts subscription, you can find more details on our website or at

  • Understanding Hedged Scale TradingUnderstanding Hedged Scale Trading
    by Thomas A. McCafferty
    Hedging Instruments and Risk ManagementHedging Instruments and Risk Management
    by Patrick Cusatis, Martin Thomas

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