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    IBData2 (Wealth-Lab AddOns)

    Developers: Finantic
    Website Address:

    Realtime Adapter for Wealth-Lab and Interactive Brokers

    IBData2 provides realtime data from Interactive Brokers and broker bdapter for Wealth-Lab Developer and Wealth-Lab Pro. IBData2 implements an realtime data adapter and a broker adapter for Wealth-Lab. Furthermore there is a configuration program (IBData2Config) which lets you change all relevant settings with a comfortable graphical user interface.


    • Support for all WL operation modes:
    • Realtime ChartScripts
    • Realtime Scans
    • Quote Manager
    • Order Manager
    • Intraday Historical Datasource
  • Support for international symbols
  • Support for symbol aliases
  • Support for dynamic symbols generated from chartscripts (useful for options)
  • Graphical User Interface to symlo.txt (Add/Modify/Delete contracts with Undo/Redo)
  • Graphical User Interface to exchanges.txt
  • Selctable error reporting methods: Dialog/Notify/StatusBar
  • Network mode: TWS can run on another host.
  • Logs are written to file or windows event log.
  • Logfile with selectable level of detail
  • One-click access to Logfiles
  • API connections are based .NET sockets (finantic's .Net implementation of ESocketClient) Not dependant on
  • IB's ActiveX component
  • Free Updates (one year)

    Historical and Realtime Data

  • Eliminate the cost of other data providers
  • comfortable contract selection form a complete symbol catalog
  • Historical data on request: Up to 6 months of historical data (depends on availability of data on IB's servers)
  • Supported Bar Intervals: 1 s, 2 s, 15 s, 30 s, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 1 day
  • Bid, Ask, and Midpoint prices available
  • Options Bid/Ask data available
  • Store Bid/Ask data for later analysis
  • Customize time stamp on bars: Selectable bar annotation (Start of bar, End of bar)
  • Supports multiple real time charts at the same time (even for the same symbol)
  • Stores Bid and Ask histories retrievable from ChartScripts

    Broker Adapter

  • Optional confirmation dialog
  • Support for financial advisor (FA) accounts
  • Audit Trail: Logfile of all trades with selectable level of detail
  • Email notification for selectable events (order transmissed, Accepted, Filled, Canceled, etc)
  • FA allocation profile selection based on ticker symbol and optionally on share quantity


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