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    MetaStockô Professional 9.1

    Developers: Equis International
    OS: Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or higher), Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or higher)
    Website Address:

    MetaStock Professional offers the most powerful money-making tools to help real-time traders like you find better trading opportunities, no matter your experience level. It has the ability to reduce the profit-killing emotions of greed and fear from your intraday trading.

    Here's how MetaStock Professional's power tools give you a major advantage in the markets:

  • Trading Advantage #1 - Test multiple trading systems on multiple securities. You'll get buy and sell signals based on the trading system that best matches that security. These signals free you from harmful emotions that influence your trading decisions.
  • Trading Advantage #2 - Scan thousands of securities to find prime trading opportunities. This screening occurs in the background, freeing your computer for other tasks! You'll also get a CD packed with over 30,000 securities organized by sector and industry. And MetaStock Professional allows you to organize your securities by sector and industry group.
  • Trading Advantage #3 - A library of experts will help you with your specific trading situation, identify trends, highlight price bars, place symbols, set alerts, and identify 31 different candlestick patterns.
  • Trading Advantage #4 - Over 200 built-in indicators and line studies ensure you will find the indicators that work best with your trading style. This collection includes over 80 indicators for Broad Market analysis.
  • Trading Advantage #5 - Immediately start system trading with MetaStock's large library of built-in trading systems! You'll find these systems easy to use and very reliable. Additional pre-built systems are also available for purchase.
  • Trading Advantage #6 - Razor sharp charts of stocks, futures, commodities, indices, mutual funds, and bonds are automatically saved for your convenience. Or save your charts as Templates or Layouts. MetaStock Professional also lets you select from among nine charting styles.
  • Trading Advantage #7 - In addition to its amazing analysis tools, MetaStock Professional gives you access to incredible Fundamental Information that provides you with added insight to your trading decisions.
  • Trading Advantage #8 - Custom-create your own trading systems and indicators. Writing the formulas is as easy as picking the functions you need from a wide array of math and investing functions to save you valuable time.
  • Trading Advantage #9 - MetaStock works with outside software modules. There are over 13 plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Trading Advantage #10 - You'll always find a friendly technical support representative ready to help solve your problem. You can call, send an email, or contact them through chat. And best of all, this service is FREE to our registered MetaStock customers.
  • Trading Advantage #11 - Use our premier real-time data feed, MetaStock QuoteCenter. Also compatible with eSignal and Qcharts data feeds
  • Trading Advantage #12 - Get real-time alert when your criteria is met.

    MetaStock Professional is the 3-time winner of Stocks and Commodities Reader's Choice Award for best analysis software. So it's not surprising that MetaStock Professional is the real-time software of choice for thousands of traders to help them make smarter trading decisions.


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