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    Developers: Nirvana Systems, Inc.
    Website Address:

    OmniTrader is the only software designed to help you Trade the Moves. By automating technical analysis, OmniTrader gives you the power to make decisions fast! No other software gives you real trading signals with all of the supporting information automatically displayed for you. OmniTrader's signals are exceptionally accurate - making it a Great Prospecting Tool. Great Trading Signals, however, are just the beginning of the OmniTrader story. OmniTrader provides all the tools you need to Trade the Moves:

    > Great Buy & Sell Candidates
    > Built-In Money Management
    > Trading Simulators

    buy-sell-signalsGreat Buy and Sell Candidates
    OmniTrader is the only software that generates Buy and Sell Signals based on the "personality" of each security in a given list.

    We call this powerful technique the Adaptive Reasoning Model (ARM ). In just seconds, the program will test ALL of its 120 built-in methods on EACH symbol in a given list to find the precise techniques that are working well. Then, it uses those methods to generate signals. You can see an example chart above. ARM was invented at Nirvana Systems in 1994, and here is how it works:

    1. A list of symbols is provided to the software. This list can be as short as the S&P 100 or as large as the entire stock market, depending on how many candidates you want the program to generate for you.

    2. Press ONE BUTTON in OmniTrader, and it will begin its proprietary analysis. In a matter of seconds, OmniTrader will test each of its built-in trading methods on each security, choosing the BEST techniques to use. Using this approach, OmniTrader is able to determine the personality of each individual security, according to our proprietary Personality of Markets Theory.

    3. The software automatically finds Buy and Sell Signals on each symbol in the list, using the methods that have been found to work well for each individual security. The result? Superb Buy and Sell Signals unlike any you have ever seen - automatically. No other software offers this automation benefit.

    Built-In Money Management
    In Jack Schwagger's book, Market Wizards, Marty Schwartz was asked what was the single most important factor in trading. His answer? Money Management, Money Management, Money Management.

    Money Management means managing a Trade AFTER it has been placed. Here again, OmniTrader helps with its built-in portfolio. As you enter new trades, arrows are displayed on the right side of the chart.

    Just grab the red or green arrow, move it, and you will be alerted when the security crosses the trigger level. These levels are called "stops". OmniTrader comes with a wealth of tools to help you determine optimal stop placement.

    Improve Your Skill Using OmniTrader's Unique Trading Simulators
    Great Candidates and Trade Management are just two of the key ingredients to successful trading. Trading is a battle between greed and fear, and all of us must overcome these powerful emotions to trade successfully. OmniTrader's trading simulators are designed to help us win the emotional battle that rages within us when our money is on the line.

    The Trading Game randomly selects a security and engages you in a "game," complete with bank balance and the ability to trade on margin. This unique simulator will help you learn to use the Buy and Sell Signals, set stops, and react to what is happening. The second simulator, which we call Lab Mode, will give you the ability to practice trading on an entire portfolio of securities. With a few Lab Mode sessions, you will begin to understand the value of portfolio theory, and how to take multiple positions to reduce risk.

    More Features Designed to Help You Win
    Since OmniTrader was first released in 1994, we have continually improved it with features that enhance its ability to prospect for candidates in the market, and help you manage the opportunities.

    Chart Book - With just one click, you can fill a chart book "page" with multiple charts, and flip to a new set of charts.

    Drawing Tools - Draw lines and text quickly, and establish Trend Line Alerts, to alert you when specific levels are crossed in the market.

    Statistics in the Focus List - As OmniTrader generates Buy and Sell Signals on the securities in your focus list, it produces performance statistics. For example, "BTHR" is the Back Test Hit Rate. A value of 80 in this column indicates that 80% of the signals in the test period were shown to be profitable.

    And these are just some of the highlights of the OmniTrader feature lineup. The software supports multiple data vendors and data formats, and is available in specialized Real Time and Futures Editions, each with additional features designed to help you trade in that mode. Click here for a complete list of all the features in each edition.

    Support from Nirvana Systems When you buy OmniTrader, you receive the commitment that comes from 14 years of serving the trader and investor marketplace…

    > Multi-media tutorials are built into the program.
    > Our Technical Support Department answers the phone (give it a try at 512-345-2592).
    > We provide FREE online seminars to orient all new users on the software.
    > Our web site provides daily market commentary authored by our staff.

    The Team at Nirvana Systems


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