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    Developers: MarketNoize, Inc.
    Website Address:

    QTExtender, developed in conjunction with and QuoteTracker L.P. , is the first official add-on for Medved QuoteTracker. Leveraging the power of QuoteTracker, QTExtender extends its functionality to include advanced portfolio management, option chain retrieval/exportation, and scanning capabilities (coming soon).

    Do you trade with your broker using QuoteTracker?
    QTExtender is tightly integrated with QuoteTracker. If you usually place your order through QuoteTracker, but log your transactions in another program (e.g. Excel spreadsheet), QTExtender will alleviate this double entry pain. Simply fill out the transaction form within QTExtender, and check the "live order" check button. QTExtender will automatically log the transaction and will transfer the order directly to QuoteTracker.

    Do you utilize QuoteTracker to track your stock/option positions?
    If you so, then you can't afford not to purchase QTExtender. QTExtender provides extended portfolio management while utilizing the advanced connectivity of QuoteTracker. If you can retrieve quotes from your brokerage within QuoteTracker, then your data provider is automatically supported within QTExtender.

    Do you have a need to log all of your orders and export them for taxation purposes?
    QTExtender maintains a log of all transactions. QTExtender makes it easy for you to track all of your positions in real time and export them in a standard, comma-delimited format.

    Do you have a need for portfolio tracking of calls, puts, covered calls, long, and short positions?
    QTExtender allows the user track any of these position types. QTExtender will compute the profit/loss in real time and will also provide crucial technical calculations to aid you in your decision analysis (probability, buy-to-close, etc).


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