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    Developers: Sunnymoon Consulting
    Website Address:

    What is QuoTracker?
    QuoTracker is a tool to monitor and track your investment in stock markets world-wide as well as in the Canadian/U.S. mutual funds. It collects and connects information (chart, quote, news, profile etc.) from different (free) Internet services, puts everything into an easy-to-use Explorer-like interface and lets you access them quickly at your mouse click. Rich customization options allow you to make your investment tracking in your own way, and comprehensive features can help you make prompt responses to the fast-paced market.

    Whom is QuoTracker for?
    If you are interested or currently investing in stock market (world-wide) or Canadian/U.S. mutual funds, QuoTracker might be useful to you. QuoTracker is primarily created for individual investors and interested site-observers of the fascinating and exciting investment market to monitor and track their investment. As a matter of fact, this application has been developed by a group of people with this kind of background, initially for their own use. We understand that professional investors can normally get better service and are not relying on the free stuff (really?). However, they may still find QuoTracker useful because of its uniqueness and rich convenient-to-use features.

    Why do you need QuoTracker?
    Well, you really don't have to use QuoTracker to track your portfolio and the market because all the information is nowadays available on the Internet. However, the problem is that the information provided by different sites (with more or less emphasis on different aspects) is not or only loosely connected. It often requires several steps to just get 'what does it say here and there?'. It is not only inconvenient, but more importantly also risky in the fast-moving investment world. That's why QuoTracker comes about. Well, instead of trying to build another 'all-in-one-for-all' Internet service - just kidding, QuoTracker is simply connecting different free Internet services by related topics to give you a unique interface for easy and quick access at your mouse-click.

    The following are some highlights of QuoTracker's main features:

  • Free quotes world-wide: QuoTracker is using three major quote services from Canada-stockwatch, Yahoo!, and PC Quote to feed its local quote database. In addition to those free services, Canada-stockwatch subscribers can let QuoTracker use their account for downloading quotes and accessing other more advanced information. Starting from version 2, QuoTracker is now capable to track all stock markets world-wide using corresponding local Yahoo! site as quote server.
  • Free real-time quotes: Starting from v2.1, QuoTracker is able to retrieve real-time quotes from the following sites: Yahoo! US, Free Real-Time, Raging Bull, S & P Personal Wealth, Thomson Real-time Quotes, E*Trade, CNet. All those sites provide free real-time quotes for U.S. stocks only. Except Yahoo!, all other sites require you to sign up first before you can get real-time quotes. Note that real-time quotes for Canadian stocks are available only to Canada-stockwatch subscribers with 'Trader' or 'Daytrader' account type.
  • Customizable quick links: Additional information can be retrieved through quick links that you can customize by adding your favorite sites. By default, QuoTracker comes with the following links (may vary): CANOE, GlobeInvestor,, IMoney, Lycos, CNN Financial Network,,, Datek Online, Kitco.
  • Unlimited watch lists: You can track unlimited watch lists and unlimited securities within each watch list.
  • Unlimited portfolios: You can track unlimited portfolios which may be real like the ones in your bank (but you have to maintain its synchronization) or virtual just for testing or fun (for starters or site-observers).
  • Automatic refresh: QuoTracker can refresh your favorite watch list, portfolio or any group (whatever in the current view) automatically in predefined interval, or refresh your view whenever it is changed.
  • Customizable view: You can make your display as colorful (or plain) as you want, and in addition, you can quickly turn on/off color display temporarily.
  • Customizable display: You can customize the display format to just show information you want. Each portfolio/folder can have its own default view format.
  • Flexible portfolio tracking: You can track your portfolios for current holdings in summarized view or in detailed view. You can also track the history of sold securities in your portfolios.
  • Customizable quick access: Customizable double-click and right-click in the gridpane give you quick access to your preferred websites for more detailed information.
  • Powerful alert: QuoTracker allows you to define (world-most!) flexible alert settings and you can let them trigger in four different ways: to highlight or flash quote lines in grid pane,to play a sound, to add a message to a central alert window, or to send an email message to predefined mailing list.
  • Categorized securities: The categorized equities and mutual funds allow you to examine relevant securities more easily. You can put complete North American stocks and mutual funds into your database or just select whatever you are interested in.
  • Historical quotes: You can download historical quotes for North American stocks/mutual funds, export them or using the build-in charting function (QuoChart) for technical analysing.
  • Technical analysis with QuoChart: Besides conventional prices and volume charts, QuoChart also includes all popular technical indicators of over 20 types with customizable parameters.
  • Customizable day charts: You can let QuoTracker show collective day charts from your preferred websites for your stocks to give you a summarized close-up look of the recent development.
  • Batch update: You can update all quotes for North American stocks/mutual funds in the QuoTracker's local database at once (e.g. for off-line evaluation at evening or weekends).
  • Flexible password protection: You can password-protect your QuoTracker and/or your individual portfolios.
  • Commission/return calculator: There is a commission/return calculator that allows you to calculate the commission fee and to estimate returns by selling at given price and vice versa. Different broker charges can be customized. There is also a 'What-If' interest-rate calculator.
  • Stylish QuoBar: There is a quote bar that shows the quotes (same as in the main window) in a concise format. Quote bar can show quotes in three different styles and can show/hide quickly by clicking on it, plus much more configurations.
  • ExBar: There is a currency exchange bar that tracks the online currency exchange rate of your desired currencies. Mortgage/loan calculator: There is a mortgage/loan calculator that may help you make your decisions on this matter.


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