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    RoadMap v.6

    Developers: DTI PARTNERS INC.
    OS: -
    Website Address:

    DTI's 6th generation software, the RoadMap was designed by a trader for traders. RoadMap v.6 is a time-management tool that allows the trader to answer the question whether to be LONG, SHORT or OUT of the market.

  • Global RoadMap Method Tracking provides a comprehensive look at up to eight different market indicators updated constantly displaying the movement of the market based on a 30 minute time frame. This allows you to know if the indicators you use are pointing in a particular direction.
  • The Pivot Chart displays the progression of the 12:30p CT number on a multi day basis visually showing the progression of the market from one pivot number to the next.
  • Reference Bar Charts displays the four key DTI "Reference Bars" as the day progresses, plus the development of the current 30 minute time frame. This feature displays whether the market is trading above, below, or inside the most current Reference Bar making sure that you are on the right side of the trend.
  • Instant Trade Alerts (T.O.M. Alerts) are instant messages sent directly to your Global RoadMap6 Software, email, or PDA/Cell Phone straight from Tom Busby's trade desk. These are up-to-the-second signals as to be long, short, or out of the market.
  • Email Alerts send you price action in up to 200 markets throughout the day. This feature frees you from staring at the screen waiting for your price to be triggered.
  • ETR Line ( Electronic Tape Reader) is a color-coded, second by second snapshot of the current market action. The ETR line can confirm your good trades and keep you out of bad ones.
  • The TTICK (Tom's Tick) is a proprietary indicator available only through the Global RoadMap software. This indicator combines momentum and directional indicators to display the true depth of the market. The TTICK helps traders make sure that not only are they looking in the right direction, but that they know how much power is behind any given market move. The TTICK is a true RPM gauge for the markets.
  • The BuzzMeter is a quick reference visual guide showing the percentage of indicators in agreement from your ETR line. The BuzzMeter takes the combined net change from the previous half hour's market and turns red for a downtrend and green for an uptrend. It can be displayed in several geometric shapes and saves screen real estate for the mobile trader.


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