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    Recommended Books

    Wealth-Lab Pro

    Developers: Wealth-Lab.comô
    OS: Windows 2000/XP (Not Mac Compatible)*
    Website Address:

    Wealth-Lab Pro enables novice and experienced technical traders to use complex programming functions and a wealth of technical indicators to design, build, back-test, and execute customized trading strategies.

    Part of Fidelity's suite of tools for active traders, Wealth-Lab Pro1 is available free to customers who place 120 trades or more in a rolling 12-month period and have $25,000 in assets.

    Wealth-Lab offers the following trading system development tools:

  • DynaCharts
    Interactive Charts with a huge selection of technical indicators. Once you find your favorite chart settings you can use the WealthScript Wizard to generate the scripting code and create your own ChartScript.

  • WealthScript
    WealthScript is the emerging standard for trading system development. It is based on the Pascal programming language, and lets you express every nuance of your trading system rules.

  • WatchList Scans
    You can create your own WatchLists on site with up to 100 symbols. Then, scan for buy or sell signals using one of the ChartScripts you've written or bookmarked.

  • MarketCalls Virtual Trading
    Practice trading with a virtual account of $100,000. Soon you'll be able to delegate trading to the Wealth-Lab Trading Agent, and simply pick the trading systems that you want to employ.

  • $imulator
    What would have happened if you had employed a Trading System over the past year? Using $imulator you can find out! It simulates 1 to 5 years of trading for any ChartScript and WatchList combination that you select.

  • Wealth-Lab Developer
    Wealth-Lab Developer is the ultimate trading system development platform. It offers all of the features of the web site, but with more flexibility and power.


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