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    WizeTrade 7.0

    Developers: GlobalTec Solutions™, LLP.
    OS: Windows 2000/XP (Not Mac Compatible)*
    Website Address:

    WIZETRADE™’s Red Light- Green Light Indicator System displays a stock’s performance in just seconds! With WIZETRADE™ 7.0 you can even seamlessly submit a trade after you have analyzed it with WIZETRADE™ 7.0’s revolutionary lights and charts with several years in research and development and thousands of satisfied users. There’s no other trend recognition software like it!

  • Accommodates all trading styles and levels
  • Conducts real-time stock trend analysis instantly
  • Easily loads selected stocks
  • Quickly launches stock trading candidates for analysis
  • State of the art chart screens help you select entry/exit points
  • Online tutorial
  • Outstanding customer service and training support
  • Creates multiple lists with up to 15 stocks at once
  • Displays multiple trend analysis charts at one time…on one screen
  • Seamless direct-access trade capabilities
  • Executes live real-time and simulation paper trades instantly
  • Trade manager tracks trade and account activity instantly
  • 1,000 “unsolicited” satisfied user testimonials


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