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    Excel Option Calculator 10.0

    Developers: Kai Reinke - "kaininito"
    OS: Windows PC, Apple Mac OS
    Website Address:

    Excel Option Calculator

    The Excel Option Calculator Version 10 comes with many new features and tools.
    Visualizing and analyzing option positions with a software tool is essential for experienced options traders and beginners alike. Stay on top of your option trades with Excel Option Calculator designed for real-life trading with maximum flexibility.

    Overview of program features:

  • Comfortable position entry and price updates
    Automatic retrieval of quotes, ticker symbols, contract details, interest rates and dividends from the Internet.
    The Option Calculator can handle spread trades with up to 20 legs.

  • Flexible Risk Graphs and Greeks Graphs
    Look at your position risk and the position greeks from every angle.

  • Probabilities
    Analyze the odds of the option underlying hitting certain prices.

  • Statistical (=historical) volatility calculator with charting

  • Analysis tools
    What-if analysis
    Position IV calculator
    Breakeven point calculator

    Options as a Strategic Investment The Option Trader Handbook The Volatility Course Trading Options to Win


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