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    FED*Signal Market Scanner

    Developers: ASSISTANCE LLC.
    OS: Windows, Palm OS
    Website Address:

    The FED*Signal Market Scanner is available both the WEB or WAP Browser and the Instant Messaging Service through PCs, Laptops, PDAs and Smart Phones and provided to members as a subscription service. We also offer free access to all current quotes and archival reports, historical data and results of Trading Systems and Market Scanners.

    The FED*Signal Market Scanner includes:

    • My Portfolio Messaging Service
    • Alerts Messaging Service
    • Market Scanner:
      1. Symbols Scan
      2. Fundamental Scan
      3. Events Scan
      4. Indices Scan
      5. Group Scan
    • DayTrade Scanner:
      1. PreMarket Scan
      2. PostMarket Scan
      3. Rank Scan
      4. Rally Scan
      5. Crash Scan
    • Technical Analysis Scanner
      1. Indicators Scan
      2. Oscillators Scan
      3. Patterns Scan
      4. Technicals
    • Mechanical Trading System
      1. Ultimate Trading System
      2. Dow Jones Trading System
      3. Standard Trading Systems
      4. Price Impulse Detect Trading System
      5. DayTrade Trading System
      6. Popular Trading System


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