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    Recommended Books

    FibCalc 3 (Fibonacci Calculator)

    Developers: Rick LaPoint
    Website Address:

    Rick LaPoint is recognized all over the world as one of today's leading experts on Fibonacci Trading techniques. A lively and popular Speaker, Market Commentator, and Stock Market Trader, his methods and Market observations are topics of discussion in Chat Rooms and Bulletin Boards, Internationally. Now, Rick's famous Fibonacci Calculator has been greatly expanded to include all of his favorite Fibonacci tools.

    Calculate Retracement Bounce and Profit Targets

    FibCalc allows the Trader to set Bounce and Profit Targets. The beauty of Fibonacci is best expressed through setting Targets. Rather than react at the moment Price changes behavior, setting Bounce and Profit Targets helps the Trader to plan ahead, allowing Price to come to the Trader, instead of the Trader chasing Price. Simply type in the Low and the High of the Trend you are examining.

    Calculate Targets for "50% Phenomenon" Setups

    A Market that Gaps up or down can be confusing. How far will it go? One of Rick's most fascinating Fibonacci techniques is to use Gaps as the foundation for setting Profit Targets. When played according to it's own set of Rules, the "50% Phenomenon" can be amazingly accurate for projecting the High or Low of the day when planning a Day Trade. And Swing Trading significant Gaps can be equally rewarding!


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