Time Trader Professional v.3.3

Time Trader Professional Charting Software with Gann Forecaster Releasedis designed to support those traders who are serious about the precision timing of investing.

Developed by www.acrotec.com.

  • Utilize free indexes, stocks and Forex End-of-Day Data from the Internet
  • Precision market timing with advanced W.D. Gann, Fibonacci and Geometric techniques
  • Functions of Gann Forecaster Software including Gann Square, Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon integrated
  • Planetary angles included in Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon
  • Applicable to stocks, indices, futures, commodities or any other freely traded markets

Advantages of Using Time Trader

Time Trader is a charting system which is designed to provide investors and market technicians with the most easy and straight forward way to undergo Gann style time and price analysis and certainly for quick investment decisions.

In this software, we have included several applications in relation to Gann, Fibonacci and geometry theories of market that would meet the demands of the most advanced market analysts.

In this Professional version, all the functions of Gann Forecaster software, including Gann Square, Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon are also integrated.

Techniques employed in Time Trader focuses on the precision timing of investing. The software provides users with every time cycle analytic tools, including time ratio analysis, Gann’s time division, financial numerology, spiral calendar and price / time square projection. Users can evaluate their timing of market entry with the tools in Time Trader to accomplish their research at incredible speed.

Snapshot of Time Trader Professional
S&P 500 Futures weekly chart with Gann ratios and angles
Gann ratios and angles

Snapshot on Australia’s S&P/ASX 200
Gann’s Time/Price Calculator Gann’s Time/Price Calculator
Gann's Time/Price Calculator

Snapshot of Gann Wheel chart
Mars Angle defined the all time high of Dow Jones Industrial Average at 11908.5 on Jan 14, 2000
Gann Wheel chart


Indicators – Time Trader provides popular technical indicators for analysis, namely, RSI, MACD, fast Stochastic Indicators and Slow Stochastic Indicators. There is a proprietary design of profit and loss analysis windows instantly appeared on screen for users to evaluate the validity of certain indicators for different stocks or markets.

Ratios – Price and time ratio analysis based on Fibonacci, Gann and Geometric ratios are included to calculate market support and resistance levels.

Cycles – Price and time cycle ratio analysis based on Fibonacci, Gann, Market Geometric theories as well as Spiral Calendar. These techniques are for the projection of future reversal date. New: time and price cycles, i.e. square cycle, cube cycle, Cycle of Seven and Cycle of Nine are added.

Trend – The available trend tools include Trend Line, Parallel Line, Gann Fan Angles, Gann Lines, and Speed Resistance Line Analysis.

Time / Price Square – Gann style time / price square projection techniques are introduced. Users can use the high price, low price and the price range to project the possible market reversal days in the future.

Gann Square, Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon – Gann’s time / price calculators are included in Time Trader Professional version. The major reversal points on the price chart will be automatically applied to the numerical charts: Gann Square, Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon for calculation of market short term and medium term supports and resistance. New: In addition, planetary angles are now applicable to the Gann Wheel and Gann Hexagon.

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