VisualTrader Professional

Company: Nirvana Systems, Inc.
Visual Trader pro

Address: Nirvana Systems, Inc., 7000 N. Mopac, Suite 425, Austin, Texas 78731 USA
Phone # for sales: 800-880-0338 or 512-345-2566

General Information
Product name: VisualTrader

Brief product description:
With VisualTrader, you will know when the market is turning, which industry groups are leading the stampede, and which charts have the best setups. And, not only will you see the right opportunity, you see it as it is just beginning to form – ahead of the pack. There are other “map-like” products out there. VisualTrader is different. Where other software shows you net price change, VisualTrader shows you dynamics like volatility breakouts across the entire map. These calculations will show you where the market is going, as opposed to where it has been. What is this advance notice worth to you? VisualTrader can pay for itself in a single trading day.

VisualTrader End-of-Day Version more info
VisualTrader Real Time Version more info

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