With Wave59 PRO2, you choose the best data feed and pricing option for you:
Connect to an external data feed
Current support for eSignal, Interactive Brokers, IQFeed, Montage, and Yahoo.

Connect to Wave59’s integrated, institutional-quality data feed

  • Over 100 exchanges & markets worldwide
  • Leased lines and managed networks ensure data quality and reliability
  • Seamlessly Integrated Real-time data
  • Ultimate accuracy and speed
  • Comprehensive historical data

Wave59 PRO featuring seamlessly integrated data
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For a comparison of all supported feeds, please consult the chart below. The feeds are listed in recommended order.

Data Feed Comparison
Integrated Data This is the highest quality, most reliable feed for professional traders who demand the best. Our recommended option. The only feed that W59 can use for multiple symbols in one chart. $249/month* (includes Wave59 subscription)
IQFeed In our opinion, the best of the retail feeds. $65-$160/month*, depending on options. $99/month for Wave59
Montage Merges IQFeed history with real time updates from Interactive Brokers. Requires some user maintenance, but gives access to long term history and real time updates without having to pay exchange fees. The best bang for the buck of all the options, especially when trading many markets. Great developer support from within the W59 community. $59/month. No exchange fees required! $99/month for Wave59
eSignal A very popular feed for those using multiple software programs. Not as stable as some of the other options within W59. $120-$206/month*, depending on options. $99/month for Wave59
Interactive Brokers Free data and history with all funded accounts. Data is filtered to reduce bandwidth, although the quality is good aside from that. Limited history makes it difficult for anything but daytrading, unless 3rd party solution like Montage is used. Requires some extra user maintenance to manage the database. Free data with funded account. No exchange fees required. $99/month for Wave59
Yahoo Free end-of-day data for US stocks. No real time data available. Free data.  $99/month for Wave59

*price does not include exchange fees

Wave 59 PRO2

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  1. Con Orpe on February 17, 2013 at 8:20 am said:

    I would like to know if there is a stock broker that allows investors to short penny stocks with no minimal value limit like 5 dollars.


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